Thursday, February 12, 2009

Blake's Ironman day!

So we have started to try to potty train Blake and he has become so obsessed with ironman that when we found ironman underwear we bought them hoping to encourage him. On the same shopping trip Lance found hats and gloves with ironman on them that were on clearance for 3 dollars. So we bought each boy a pair. Apparently if you wear the gloves and the hat you become ironman and thus for the next few days they ran around the house shooting with their gloves and thier hats over their eyes. So one day Blake found his underwear and threw a fit until I put them on the outside of his clothes, he finished the outfit with his hat and gloves, its what he wore all day.
Nice outfit dont you think, the undies on the outside really finish it off.

I liked this pic cause you could really get a good view of ironman......

Isnt Bhe just "special" in this outfit. He did have a cute outfit on before this.

This is just another picture from when he had lunch that day, he really got into it.

Is this a character shot or what?


McEwen Family said...

Blake is awesome Sara! Love the undies over the pants look! He is totally full of character...wonder who he gets that from? :)

Ashley Gaskell said...

that kid needs some help

cindi said...

He is a mess! By the way, have you seen him on Scrubs?? He's the lawyer.