Friday, February 6, 2009

Baby Update

So I went to the doctor yesterday and he had tentatively scheduled my C-section for March 13.  That is better than my original due date, March 22.  Unless I go into labor on my own, that is what the plan is.  I was measuring about 2 weeks ahead, but now I am about right again so who knows, part of me hopes I go into labor before the 13, but I honeslty am ok with whatever as long as they baby is healthy, even though I am more than done.  Lance asked me not to tell people that he was going to kill me after I have the baby, he says he never said that, and I say "yes, you did, I remember because I laughed at you when you said it, you must have been so caught up you dont remember."  He want everyone you know that he really doesnt want to kill me.  My doctor sure thought it was funny, though.  So I guess that gives my 5 more weeks until I am done.  At least I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.


Cher said...

There is nothing worse than the last month!

cindi said...

Lance does A LOT of things that he doesn't want people to know about...HMHM need I remind him of facebook?