Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Picnic at Tropic Reservoir

Well, the a few Saturdays ago, Lance looked at me and asked me what we should do that day, and we didnt really have that much to do around the house so we decided to go to Tropic Reservoir for a picnic. The boys though it was so much fun. I guess we forget that we have places like this that are ten minutes from our house. Corbyn cant seem to get any cheesier in this picture
The found out about trhowing rocks into the lake.
Kay so I think they were overdoing it with the rock size a bit.

Blake chowing down on chips and dip.
Daddy and Corbyn eating lunch
Blake posin
How cute is this
Blake giving me a big kiss..

Our Beach Trip

So we recently got back from San Diego where my parents rented a beach house for a week. It was lots of fun. Most of the family were there and the kids got to do a lot of playing on the beach while the adults mostly ate. Here's Corbyn with some of his cousins at Point Loma
Here is the most decent pic I could get of my boys while at the tide pools at Point Loma.
Here are all the cousins that were there except for my bros kids and aimees kids
We attempted to get a decent family picture but as you can see it didnt quite work out

I told ashley I was going to put this at the front of my blog as my family picture. We were at the wild aminal park and she had to have a wheel chair so that the baby would stay in.
Blake at the wild animal park, he was really excited, can't you tell
Corbyn at the beach
Blake at the beach, he didnt like the water and he was scared of the sea weed, he thought they were fishies.
Character shot
Corbyn on the safari at the wild animal park, it was hot!!!

Corbyn's First Day of School

So Corbyn is now in pre-school and I had to get a picture of him going in. He loves school. I wasnt sure how he was going to react to it but he loves it. That morning I had gotten his clothes out to wear and he continued to throw a fit because he didnt want to wear the pants I had for him. Did I mention that they were the last pair of pants that were long enough for him. Anyone that knows my boys know that they are tall giants for their age. Thus, I finally gave in and let him wear a pair of pants that were too short for him. Then I went and packed up the rest of the short ones so that he wouldnt have as many options. He looked like he was waiting for a flood.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Baby News

Yes I did use bed rest as an excuse to read the twilight books. I read them all in one week. I was a little addicted. Anyways, had a check up and the doc says that the ultrasound looked good and I am now almost 13 weeks. A few days more than I thought I was, that always nice. I just got back from being at the beach for a week so I am wasted. I will post beach pics later. By the way, it has not been confirmed that I am having a girl. But Corbyn really thinks so, he tells his dad he is havign a baby sister and dad says, "dont you want another brother ?" and then they argue for a while about who's right. I just hope it stays where it is.