Thursday, February 7, 2008

Well, In the last few weeks we have gotten so much snow here, more than I have ever seen since I have lived here. Heres a few pictures from the last storm. This is the front of our house, we have had to shovel the walkway every day and now it is completely covered because of the drifts.
This is what it looks like off of our back porch. To give you perspective, the orch is about 6 inches from the ground.

Here are two of my boys going for a 4 wheeler ride in the snow. Corbyn loves playing in the snow and he loves the helmet he has on, he would wear it all day if I let him


McEwen Family said...

SO I have had you tagged since the 5th but didn't post it b/c Andrew interrupted me then I didn't get back to my saved draft until today! So I did beat you to the tag and I'm not sure when I'll get to yours but hopefully soon. Check out the rules on my blog. Love the photos by the way.

aaron and allee said...

Sara! How are you? I found your blog through a link on Rachel's page. Your family is cute and I am sure that with a house full of boys, they keep you on your toes!

cindi said...

what in the heck is an orch??