Thursday, February 7, 2008

Bag Tagged

Ok, here are the rules, 1. Take a picture of your bag. 2. Take everything out with out cleaning it. 3. Send this to five people. Ok so here is my bag
This is my wallet, checkbook, and toothpicks. . . .
Here are Blake and Corbyn Santa Pics, crayons, lipglosses, sunglasses and Ruby's Inn Promo Jelly Bellies
Here are wipes, diapers, bib, spoon, lotion bandaid, tylenol meltaways, and kids Christmas pics made into pins.


Ashley Gaskell said...

is that one of cindi's purses? or did you get it somewhere else. i think you should get me one for a baby present.

sara and lance syrett said...

Where's the rubbers?