Thursday, February 28, 2008

THE BIG 30!!!!

Happy Birthday Lance !!!! He just turned the big 30 and he was not so excited about it. I decided to throw him a surprise birthday party. We had a bunch of friends over and Lance got so many cool gifts....... His mom and dad gave him a snore reduction pillow(for anyone that knows Lance, he tends to snore a bit). His sister gave him an enema and hemroid cream. Since he is thirty he is now an old man.

Heres Corbyn posing for the camera. Yeah he a little white trash without his shirt on but thats how we roll.
Heres our family with the birthday boy. Dont worry, Lance also got himslef an ipod, so he acutally got one real present. Lucky guy!!

He also got a really nice cake that was made with love by some of our friends
I do believe that he had the coolest birthday ever.


McEwen Family said...

Happy Birthday Lance, the big! Not that exciting for you huh... I know b/c my husband is 31 and I remember the 30 b-day, he shared the same feelings. Sara you are such a fun wife, throwing him a surprise party! Cool gifts!

Ashley Gaskell said...

so, did lance like eating the old balls.

cindi said...

ya lance, how did it feel to take a nice big bite of some old balls???

sara and lance syrett said...

yeah, he said they tasted pretty good.