Monday, February 25, 2008

makin cookies

The other day I was making chocolate chip cookies and Corbyn was playing with his playdough in the dining room and he came over to me while I was baking the cookies and handed me this tray that is the top of his playdough carton and had made me some cookies all by himself and put little round balls from another toy as the chocolate chips. I swear I gave him zero help, I didnt even know he was making them. They are so dang cool. He is my little artist. Now I can add baker to his list.
These are his gingerbread men that he made after he made me cookies. Notice the eyes, they are the same balls from the chocolate chip cookies. He's got quite an imagination.


McEwen Family said...

that is so cute, what a clever little guy! As for the background, go on my blog, on the right side there is a place for other links, click on cute blog backgrounds, I got it off of Lindsey's blog. This girl designs backgrounds you can buy and then has a bunch that you can have for free she just wants you to list her website on your blog. She gives step by step instruction too. You'll have to change your template to the minnima one, then you can add any of her backgrounds easily.

McEwen Family said...

Look at your pretty blog!!! I love it! You have such great family photos! The one you just put up is so cute. You guys look great! Nice work on the blog, I love it when it isn't the same as everyone else's.