Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Ok so I have been a total slacker the last few months, I am finally getting around to getting my Hawaii pictures on here. Hope you enjoy.
These are pictures from Pearl Harbor, this is the Arizona Memorial and this is the ship that is able to be seen from above water.

This is the oil that is still leaking from the arizona battleship.

This is called the Blowhole Lookout, I am guessing because the water gets blown through the hole in the rock.

This was the sunset at Paradise Cove where we had a luau. It was lots of fun.

Here is another picture from Pearl Harbor. Lance was feeling a little envious.

Here we are a the Paradise Cove Luau again.

This is at Hanauma Bay, where lots of people go snorkeling and scuba diving. I chilled on the beach while Lance attempted. You know how I feel about the ocean.

Hanauma Bay again

This was at the Dole Pineapple Plantation. OK, so I have craved pineapple my whole pregnancy and everyone told me how much better it is in Hawaii. So I think I outate just about everyone. I could not get enough it was so good, so we went to the Dole Plantation mostly cause I wanted more pineapple, it is true, its way better in Hawaii. This does cause problems cause when you get home no other pineapple is as good.

This is me at Wimea Valley, a really sacred place. Lance loved these trees, like the one behind me they were huge and the tops all came together almost making a natural umbrella. It was a really pretty place. This was also the place where I saw a girl that looked just like Aimee, my sis. I am not exaggerating in any way, she was a spitting image of her with short hair. So I have decided that Aimee is just on a long vacation in Hawaii. It did give me a bit of a panic attack though.

Here we are at Wimea Falls which is at the end of Wimea Valley. You can get in the water and go swimming, but pregnant women are not allowed for some reason so that was out.

Here we are at the Temple. Its a really pretty temple but it is a lot smaller than I expected.

Here I am stopping to eat (again)at a shrimp shack, it was so good. Pretty much all we did was eat while we were there.

Here is the beach right by the shrimp shack, it was so bizarre that this was how the view was all the was around the island.

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McEwen Family said...

I wish I got to go to Hawaii! Looks like you guys had a blast! The pictures are so beautiful, good for you guys to take a trip on your own. Much deserved!