Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Easter and Stuff, yeah I suck at blogging lately!

Well, yeah I have sucked at blogging for the last few months, but I hav e a good excuse. So here's the last month in a flash......we blessed Jaxon on Easter, thus my whole family was up here except for matthew and michael. The kids all got to do an easter egg hunt in my yard, there was about 2 hours of decent weather that day, so we did it as fast as we could. Lance took a bunch of the boys and some smaller kids, my dad and bro in laws hiking around tropic. My mom and I spent most of the weekend cooking for Jaxons blessing, and Cindi's dog Sampson, a huge Alaskan Malamute spent most his time takign advantage of my handicap golden retriever Rusty, he's got a bum hip. All in all it was a lot of fun and here a a bunch of pictures from that weekend.

Here's Cindi showing her attitude.....

Idont know what Corbyn was doing but it was sure funny.....

Jaxon just chillin on my couch.....
Corbyn Rockin out!!!

Here's Rylee, Ashleys daughter, yeah she's a hot mess

Corbyn and Blake on Easter.....

Blake on Easter, okay so he's a hot mess too.....

Ryan and Mady Cindis twins stuffin their faces with candy......

Grandpa and Ellee with Sampson and his boy toy Rusty.....poor dog....

Addison.....need I say more......
More easter egg hunting........
Still more.....

Parker, Aimees son......

One of Jaxons favorite spot.....grandpas neck......


Janice Twitchell said...

Bout time slacker! ;o) Looks like you had a housefull! But I bet the boys had a blast! We need to get together sometime soon and I still need to find out what kind of cookies lance likes so I can make them for him for booking the room for us! laterz sweets....good luck with your busy week next week!

McEwen Family said...

Great pics Sara, I love the comments on each photo too! You never fail to make me laugh! All the Slaters together...looks like you guys had a blast! LOVE the pic of John and Jaxon, just precious!

Jay and Stephanie Adams said...

Gotta love how Cindi's attitude shot and the stupid twins' faces match. LOL

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