Thursday, March 12, 2009

Baby Jaxon Updates

So I took Jaxon to his first doctors appointment yesterday, and the doctor says he is perfect. He did lose a little weight, he weighs 7lbs 13 oz now, but he says most babies lose between 8-10oz and he lost nine. Blake only lost 2 oz, but he was a baracuda baby. Jaxon also had jaundice and had to be put on lights at home, mainly from the bruising he got from being beat out of me. Doc says that he is okay now. Now I had to post someof these pictures for my sister ashley. She made him this little beanie and we all though he looked kind of like a thug in this outfit. But that goes with his complexion, cause he is alot darker than is brothers and everyone calls him my littel indian baby. My mom and I have been looking through pictures trying to figure out who he looks like more, and found he doesnt look a whole lot like his brothers, we found some of Aimees baby pictures and then some of her little girl Ellee and couldnt believe how much he looks like her. My mom says that Aimee must have made him cause he looks so much like her.
So I kind of think he looks like his grandpa John in this picture, got that permanent frown going on.
He looks alot like Ellee, Aimees little girl in this picture. He's got that chinese/indian thing going.

These are for you Ashley, he's my little gangsta thug.
More of his gangsta thug look

So I had to put these pictures on here too. The day we came home from the hospital, my boys were at Lance's moms house and when she brought them home she told us he had hit his lip on their coffee table, but all night you couldnt really tell, then the next morning we wake up to this. It got so big his upper lip would sag.
Here you can see that not only his lip but part of his face was a bit swollen too, yeah he is a bit of a mess.


Ashley Gaskell said...

yeah, thats right. seriously, why do we have the clumsiest kids. he's looking good there. i am going to try and upload a video of addy eating her dinner, since you dont get to experience it on a regular basis. its freakin awesome..... although, maybe i should wait because you might laugh your stitches open.

Staci Leach said...

Isn't jaundice a pain? The only good part is when they are no longer needing the lights, they look really tan for about 4-6 months. All mine were jaundice. Get them bowels a movin and it clears right up! He is ADORABLE!

McEwen Family said...

He is so cute Sara! I love the beanie that Ashley made him, it just suits him perfectly! Sorry about the jaundice, hope that goes away soon. We need to catch up. hope you are doing well.