Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Thomas the train

Ok so anyone with a little boy has got to know Thomas the Train. Well he was at the Heber Valley Railroad last month and we took Corbyn and Blake up to see him. Corbyn is a huge fan, he eats sleeps and breaths thomas the train. He was in heaven.

Me and my boys in front of a train.
Corbyn was really gettin into his cotton candy
Here we are in front of Thomas
Posin in front of another train, Corbyn was in Heaven Blake thought the hay was really cool
Here he is again

This is Corbyn in front of a sign with Murdoch on it. Dont ask, yes I do know more about trains than I will admit
Here we are again
heres daddy with the boys in front of Percy, didnt think I'd know his name?
Here they are in front of some old trains
This was Blakes favorite thing there, the miniature horses. They were way cute.

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McEwen Family said...

First off, you look gorgeous Sara! I loved the bangs when I saw you, but just wanted to tell you again. The pictures are so dang cute! I had no idea that there was a real Thomas the Train to take the kids to! What a fun Mama you are! I bet Corbyn was so happy! I'm so glad you posted again, it had been way too long!