Monday, July 14, 2008

20 years tag
20 years ago.....

1. I was 8 and was just moving to Las Vegas

2. I was mad at my parents for making me move

3. I was baptized in Sandy utah before me moved.

10 years ago....

1. Holy Crap I had just graduated from high school and was getting ready to go to college at SUU in Cedar City

2. Cut my hair super short, I mean short.

3. was working at Abercrombie and Fitch

4. was chillin with my friends and going to Ska shows all over Las Vegas

5. I was also working at Rios Swimwear, where me and my sisters all worked

5 years ago...

1.Lance and I were just getting through his Senior year of college.

2. I was spending most of my time in the ceramics studio at SUU, Art was my major with an emphasis in ceramics

3. Got pregnant for the first time.

4. Lance graduated from school and we moved back to Rubys Inn to work for the summer.

5. I ended up having a miscarriage that year.

3 years ago....

1. I had a newborn baby boy. I finally was able to stay pregnant.

2. We were living at Rubys, working and had decided to stay and were gearing up to build a house.

3. I was able to take a nap when Corbyn took a nap. It was great.

4. I had moved to my palatial apartment at Bryce View Lodge. It was fancy!!!

1 year ago....

1. We had recently moved into our new house and I had a 8 month old baby boy named Blake.

2. Was extremely sleep deprived!


So far this year I.......

1. have been training for a half marathon
2. planted a garden and yes its growing well, first one.

3. gone to SanFransisco

4. made some new friends

5. watched blake become a little terror

6. repainted my kitchen.

Yesterday I.....

1. rested after my family left

2. played some guitar hero.

3. cut Lances hair,

4. went grocery shopping

Today I.....

1. am at work and my husband is yelling at me cause I should be working instead of doing this.

2. will go home and weed my garden and help the kid that said he'd do it for 10 dollars a month

3. go running

4. eat dinner

5. watch my tivo'd the next design star, its my secret addiction

Tomorrow I.....

1. am sleeping in

2. probably be at work

3. will clean my house

In the next year I.....

1. will be going to hawaii
2. hope to run a few more races

3. am going to san diego!
4. who knows
Now I tag........Ashley, Rachel, Cindi, and Stephanie


cindi said...

oh hey how did that 1/2 marathon work out for you? word on the street is that you hurt your foot....were you able to push through the pain or did you wuss out and do the 5K?? hehehe

Jay and Stephanie Adams said...

Oh, CRAP!!!! I never should have read this and wouldn't have been tagged. FINE. I'll get to it later this week. I, too, am wondering how your FOOT is doing?? My excuse is valid enough. I had no dang hubby to drive, then care for during(and after the run, during my nap) my many brats.