Thursday, April 10, 2008

San Fransisco or Bust!!!!

Well the last 2 weeks have been quite busy for our family. We left for San Fransisco about 2 weeks ago and Lance and I were there for 3 days on a business trip. Yes only lance and I went grandma nutz watched them in Vegas. This was our first trip without our kids, and it was lots of fun. We got to go to this long 4 hour 5 course dinner show that was a mix of mystere and moulin rouge. It would have been really fun if it were only 2 hours, but 4 hours was too much. we went shopping and walked alot. Most the time was spent in meetings but when we had free time we went sightseeing as much as possible. We were right on the warf so we could see alcatraz and the golden gate bridge. It was pretty cool. Stupid me I left my camera home so I bought a disposable one and now I just need to get them developed so there might be pics soon.

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McEwen Family said...

How fun Sara! I'm so glad you and Lance were able to take off to San Fran! It is one of the most amazing cities! Good for you!