Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Picnic at Tropic Reservoir

Well, the a few Saturdays ago, Lance looked at me and asked me what we should do that day, and we didnt really have that much to do around the house so we decided to go to Tropic Reservoir for a picnic. The boys though it was so much fun. I guess we forget that we have places like this that are ten minutes from our house. Corbyn cant seem to get any cheesier in this picture
The found out about trhowing rocks into the lake.
Kay so I think they were overdoing it with the rock size a bit.

Blake chowing down on chips and dip.
Daddy and Corbyn eating lunch
Blake posin
How cute is this
Blake giving me a big kiss..


McEwen Family said...

What is it with boys and rocks? Andrew is totally obsessed as well. I love the photo of the boys holding the big old rocks to throw in the reservoir, hilarious. The pic of Lance and the boys is really cute too.

Staci Leach said...

It isn't just boys! my little Rosie took the rocks from the planer and lined up all the little ones on the ledge of the back door! Don't ya just love those family moments!