Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Well, 2007 was quite a year for us. Im just going to try to condense it a little. Blake was born on December 28th of 2006, your asking yourself what are you crazy having a kid at christmas, and the answer is yes. Our family was lucky to go on quite a few vacations in 2007. We also recieved some really tough trials. We had quite a few death in our family. In August of 2006, my sister Aimee passed away from complications to cosmetic surgery. That was awful, but to make things worse, Lance uncle Bob whom he worked with everyday and was eally close to died of a masive heart attack right before Christmas of 2007. Im not finished, On Christmas day, my uncle Dave was killed in an avalance near Oakley, UT. And then once more, my ex-sister in law was killed in a car accident in January of 2008. I guess I am not supposed to understand why this has happened but I know that through these trials, me and my family will grow stronger. I know that we will be blessed if we learn and grow from these experiences.

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